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I’d like to first and foremost welcome you to the launch of my blog.

My name is Erna Carter. I’m founder and author of Enjoy The Eco Things (formerly known as Blissful At Sea). I’m on a mission to create a community of individuals who want to preserve the places Mother Nature has blessed us with. It’s a place for all individuals who care about the environment and want to learn how we can conserve it. We are a community on a mission to inspire families all around the world to connect with their natural environment.

I truly believe that in order to live a blissful life, we need to create a healthy environment all around us.

During my spare time I enjoy doing yoga, hiking with my family, visiting local farms, and beachcombing for treasures on the beach.

I have a background in Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice. While I’ve spent a lot of time in various fields and helping individuals from all backgrounds, I discovered that the one true place I want to be a part of is the place that makes me feel alive the most.

The ocean is a place I’ve always felt connected to. The ocean is my “home”. It’s a place where I can truly ground myself.

I’m excited to share my adventures with you and I hope that you find love and inspiration through my journey.

Stay tuned for the latest eco-friendly news, activities, recipes, and more.


Erna Carter

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