The Critical Role The Ocean Plays In My Life

The ocean is more than just a place for morning beach walks and summer vacations with your friends and family. It’s an environment full of life. The kind of life that goes quite unnoticed, but has a great impact on humans. We rely on it for survival, yet we often take it for granted.

How Do We Benefit From The Ocean?


The ocean helps regulate and balance the temperatures on Earth. It plays a vital role in the climate and weather patterns we see. Think of it as a solar panel that stores huge quantities of heat and moisture. All of the rain, snow, hurricanes, droughts, etc. we see are a result of the ocean’s process since it holds over 70% of Earth’s water.

Without it, farmers wouldn’t have rain to grow crops that feed us and we wouldn’t have water to drink.

Food Source

While I’m not a fan of seafood, I know many people that are. In fact, billions of people rely on the deep waters of the sea to find their next meal.

Natural Medicine

The ocean is full of medicine such as blue-green algae. 

Blue-green algae is a natural source with proteins, vitamins, and iron. It’s best known for its use in treating patients with different forms of cancer such as breast, liver, skin, and melanoma cancers. It can also be beneficial for healthy skin due to its antioxidant and mineral components.

A few other great examples include fish, sea sponges, corals, pearls, and much more. Many of these are used to prepare different natural medicines across the world.


More than half of the oxygen that we breathe in the earth’s atmosphere is produced by marine plants. However, both marine plants and aquatic wildlife play a role in the absorption and release of CO2 because they depend on each other. Just like they depend on each other, we depend on the ocean to breathe.

What Can We Do To Protect The Ocean?

Humans are dependent on the ocean. Did you know that some of the world’s poorest countries rely on seafood for survival? This is just one of many reasons we should care about protecting our biggest water source. 

Change isn’t going to happen over night. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a few simple steps to a greater future. We can start by reducing our carbon footprint, choosing sustainable and eco-friendly options, and educating communities on the critical role the ocean plays in our daily lives.

The ocean is life.

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