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How to Make an Easy Dollar Tree Barn Animal Toddler Activity

This barn animal play bin is the perfect combination of learning and fun for children. All that’s needed is a few supplies from the Dollar Tree, and your toddler will be ready for some interactive and imaginary play. They will learn about all the animals at the farm while digging their little hands in water and dirt.

Here’s what you need to build your barn animal toddler activity bin:

Tip: Before you go out and decide to buy all the supplies for the barn animal activity, have your toddler take a look around your home to see what you might already have on hand. Be creative and try to build this activity with items that you can reuse for more fun!

If you want to create a barn animal bin that is exactly like this one for your toddler, I have included links to some of the Dollar Tree items we used for your reference.

  • Green felt sheet or table runner
  • Farm animal (pig)
  • Green sponges or other green material (optional)
  • Flowers
  • Carrots

Examples of how to build your barn:

Below are a few examples of how you can set up your animal barn. This is a great opportunity to encourage your toddler to get creative and use their imagination to build their dream barn.

Feel free to set up the barn in an open space or inside a large container for easy cleanup and storage.

Set up your barn with chickens and a horse stable with hay for the horses.

Build a pond for the ducks and fill it with water for extra fun!

Create a hill with flowers by adding the serving tray underneath the green felt to let the barn animals climb.

Don’t forget the green garden patch for the hopping bunny and the mud pit for the potbelly pig!

Now your toddler is ready to learn and play!

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